Each of my CD's can be purchased online from your favorite music source, or directly from me. Just click on the image to go to the Originarts site for recording personnel, information and reviews or even to purchase hard copies or downloads of the recordings.
Points In Time (Origin 82418)2004
MP3 Excerpts

Pride and Joy (Origin 82380) 2000

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Here & Now (Origin 82368) 1999

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I can also be heard on recordings by Marc Seales, Hans Fahling, Cynthia Mullis, Fred Strickland, Kelly Wright, Edmonia Jarrett, Ted Kamp, Dehner Franks, Ernie Bucio and more.....


Below are original compositions, featured on my recordings. By downloading a Scorch viewer, you will be able view, print and listen to the compositions. Additionally, you will be able to transpose the compositions into any key. It's a fantastic system. These files are in concert key.

Compositions From Here & Now

Jim's Beginning


Mary Michaelen

Compositions From Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy

Moving On

Fortune's Fool

Compositions From Points In Time




Points In Time

Little Bird

Theme Song From The Sit-Com Of The Same Name