Living the life

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It’s a great an extraordinary life, to live here in India as an expat and be surrounded by so many beautiful motorcycles. It’s an experience which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I want to talk a little bit about my life abroad, from finding a great international health insurance to the good and the bad. Let me start, just like you would start when wanting to live abroad, is with preparations. For me it was searching a lot online and asking around for one of the many international health insurance companies. This is something you shouldn’t underestimate. Next was finding an apartment in a place you would like to stay for a longer period. It’s not as if you can call your friends and hop to a new location that easily. Especially here in India.

And then of course the most important part. Find people you like to hang out with and can show you around. There are numerous applications luckily these days, including one of the many facebook groups which are nice. But be careful not wanting to hang out with only expats as the locals will show you the best places that even the nicest expats don’t know anything about yet.

In short, (a steady and good job of course), international insurance with great service, place to stay, nice neighbourhood, fair share of expat friends, fair share of local friends and most important a hobby or something that you are very interested in. Like me: motorcycles!