RX King

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Yamaha RX135 can be more clearly seen as a bigger version of the RX100, which was a superstar of its time. The RX135 has minor changes over the smaller one, making more power and having more gears than the RX100. The only major difference was the name badge which displayed that whether it’s a 100 or a 135.

Design & Style

The RX135 shares its design with the much older RX100. The motorcycle again offers chrome everywhere. Since it suits the body design, we won’t say it was a negative approach. Yamaha would have made it with the thought of empowering the little buddy RX100 and hence justifies the 3 more BHP’s in the numbers. The classic spoke wheeled ride is in the trends even after decade of its discontinuation.
Engine & Performance

Yamaha had planted a 132 cc motor, which was a 2 stroke air cooled system, producing 14 BHP @ 7500 rpm and 12.25 NM @ 7000 rpm. The motorcycle performed very well and its acceleration was really awesome. The 135 cc motor was expected to decrease the figures of 0-60 kmph, but due to increased weight of the bike, the change was not so excellent. Overall it was a gain in power, but for that the mileage was equally sacrificed. The mileage dropped to 30 kmpl.
Braking & Suspension

The braking is supported by 130 mm drum units, both for the front and the rear. The suspension was handled by telescopic forks at the front and swing arm, coil spring type at the rear with 5- step adjustments. The motorcycle missed an option for the disc braking system and made it extremely risky to drive at high speeds.
Shades & Price
Yamaha offered its RX135 in Black Gold, Candy Maroon and Riviera Green options. It was priced at INR 40,000 (approx.).


With an improvement in performance over its older version, the 135 cc machine was really impressive. The lack of safety made it a lesser practical version and after that an option with disc brake was given, which was named RXZ 135.